Friday, April 4, 2014


President Dani Marker expresses “opportunities are endless in Medical Tech Prep!” Four weeks out of our senior year, every student has the chance to job shadow in almost every desired career. Our instructor, Emily Powers, has done her absolute best to have us experience four different areas whether they are in the medical field or not. One could find us exploring any career from the hospital setting, to the police station, to a veterinarian’s office. This helps us figure out which occupations we may want to pursue or maybe even a job that do not suit us as well as another could. These rotations are very significant to us as individuals, especially when we all came into this program with little idea of what we wanted to do after graduation. Vice president, Shelby Cassity states, “coming into Med Tech my junior year I was never one to like the blood and guts, now that I have gone through rotations I have realized that being a critical care nurse is my calling”. Powers has created professional relationships with area healthcare workers to provide them with quality opportunities.  Powers adds, “The purpose of the rotations is for students to explore careers they are interested in, hopefully these experiences lead them to make a decision about their future”.  Now, after our exposure, we are all leaving with more experience, confidence, and a plan to start the next chapter of our lives.