Friday, August 16, 2013

Mercer Savings Bank Celebrates 125 Days of Giving Back

In celebration of Mercer Savings Bank’s 125th Anniversary, the bank is giving back to the community.  Mercer Savings Bank will donate $125 to 125 different charities and organizations for 125 days.  Mercer Savings Bank’s goal is to give back to the communities that have contributed to Mercer Savings Bank’s 125 years of excellence.  On August 12, 2013 Mercer Savings Bank donated $125 to Woodland Primary Schools for school supplies.  Pictured above are Shawna Stewart, employee at Mercer Savings Bank, Emma Stewart, and Andrea Townsend, principal of Woodland Primary School


Woodland Primary is one of Greenville City School’s 5 buildings.  Approximately 600 students attend Woodland in grades Kindergarten through second grade.  At Woodland we work hard on developing skills in students that will be beneficial to students for school and life.  Support of organizations such as Mercer Savings Bank makes it possible to provide students with the materials they need to participate in developing these skills.  The students and teachers appreciate all the ways that the community supports students and schools in Greenville.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thank you for Backing the WAVE

Back the WAVE 2013