Monday, December 2, 2013

Lights, Film, Action

The junior and senior Interactive Media (IMTV) students in the Career Tech Center at Greenville Senior High School have been applying their skills to real projects through partnerships with local community clients.

One of IMTV’s highlight projects is the production of a promotional show for the Light Foundation’s Darke County Annual Turkey Hunt.  IMTV senior, Jake Synder and junior, Isaak Clevenger teamed up with GHS IMTV alumni, Alex Stewart to film, edit and produce the show. This is the third year in a row that IMTV has partnered with the Light Foundation. This show will be aired in all of the Darke County Schools, on Greenville’s Public Access Television Channel 5 and the Light Foundation’s website.

This year IMTV has also been in transition of taking ownership of the former GPAT (Greenville Public Access Television), now the new Channel 5, WAVE.  The students have been very busy in creating logos, templates, message board postings and programming for Channel 5.  The students have been video recording the Greenville City Council Meetings, Board of Education Meetings, GHS sports and other community events such as the MainStreet Greenville, Holiday Horse Parade. IMTV is looking forward to upgrading programming for the citizens of Greenville and Darke County.

Interactive Media is a creative, business oriented approach to graphics arts, computer animation, audio/video techniques, photography and web design. Students learn to use advanced multimedia techniques to create, organize, manage, and present digital information in a variety of media forms.  Upon successfully completion of this course, students will be proficient in using industry standard software and hardware, efficiently managing and presenting information, comfortably presenting projects to small groups as well as planning, designing and creating multimedia projects successfully in both team and individual environments. 

For more information about the program or if you have a client project for IMTV, please contact Mrs. Lori Hoover at (937) 548-4188, ext. 840 or Mr. David Peltz CT Director at (937) 548-4188, ext. 847.

GHS Engineering Program Presents Skills for the Future

GREENVILLE, OH – The Engineering program at Greenville Senior High School already has presented interesting learning experiences this year and has much more in store for its members. The class of 2014 just finished up metrology with their final exam recently. Students acquired skills in methods of measurement, using tools such a micrometer, vernier caliper, depth mic, and many more. The class received college credit through labs and test from Edison Community College.   

The seniors are currently working on their Senior Capstone Projects. The students are nearing the completion of 12 years of education. Combining their knowledge and skills, students are to develop the idea of a “green” energy source. The students are expected to develop a product or process of some kind, displaying their knowledge and research. Projects being displayed include a water vortex, a hydro- electric dam, a solar hydro-electric RC car, and the gasifier. Students are also expected to provide a lengthy research paper and portfolio. A formal presentation is then given to a panel composed of teachers, community leaders and peers.

The program stays busy and often ventures beyond campus. Future field trips are set to include the local YMCA for a safety inspection, as well as the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. Students also pack a bus full and head north to the Detroit Auto Show later in the school year. A community service project is also in the works for both seniors and juniors.

For more information about the Engineering program, contact instructor Chris Sykes at Greenville High School. 

By Ethan Clark

Senior Class Reporter  



Friday, October 25, 2013

Greenville FFA Participates in County Soil Contests

Greenville FFA Participates in County Soil Contests

 The Darke County FFA Soils Contest was held recently just north of Versailles.  The soil contest consists of a written test, a Soil Survey test, and three pits to evaluate. The team, consisting of up to eight students, grades the soil pit based upon the guidelines provided on the scoring card.  The team is given approximately fifteen minutes at each of the three pits to determine various soil characteristics.  Then based on what characteristics were found, management practice recommendations are made.

The Rural Soil Judging team looked at the slope, soil texture, air and water movement, depth of topsoil and subsoil in each of the pits. Then the team members chose conservation practice to recommend in order utilizing that type of ground in a farming situation correctly.

The Urban Soils team looked at slope, landform, flood hazards, soil stability, soil texture of the surface and subsoil, depth to seasonal high water table, and depth to bedrock.  They used these characteristics in determining use limitations for buildings with basement; septic tank absorption fields, driveways and local roads, and lawns, gardens, and landscaping.  Based upon what was found, members then chose some recommended management practices for each of these areas.

Rural Soils Participants          
Several Greenville FFA teams competed in the Darke County Soils contest where the Urban team took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places and the Rural team took 5th and 6th places

High scorers for the Greenville FFA in the Urban Contest included Andrew Clark, Kevin Brenner, Alex Yohey, and Seth Monnin. In the Rural Soils Contest, the high scorers were David Shultz, Ivy Berger, Christian Jennings, and Christian Kimmel.

Urban Soils Participants
Those who were on the Urban Soils Team were Seth Monnin, Kevin Brenner, Clayton McGlothin, Alex Yohey, Connor Garber, Steve Dakin, Tyler Pitman, Jaymie Phillips, Jenna LeMaster, Matt Freshour, Karri Stickley, Josh Magoto, Kyle Conklin, and Andrew Clark. Those judging on the Rural Soils Team included Lydia Schafer, Ivy Berger, Stephanie Monnin, Elizabeth Bernhard, Seth Gessler, Zach Garland, Christian Kimmel, Christian Jennings, Levi Boehringer, and David Shultz.


FFA Holds Annual Safety Awareness Days

Greenville High School students shared their knowledge about food production and safety with first-graders on Thursday, Oct. 10th, during the FFA’s Annual Safety Awareness Day at the Darke County Fairgrounds.
“We host this annual event because it’s a learning experience for both our high school students and our school district’s first-graders,” said John Guttadore, agricultural teacher and FFA adviser.
 First-graders from Greenville City Schools and St. Mary’s first-graders attended the event at the fairgrounds. The high school students set up many learning stations at the fairgrounds.
“It’s an urban education day,” said Patrick Garber, FFA President, “They get to taste cheese made from the cow, taste apple butter and apple cider, eat popcorn, roast marshmallows, taste honey, and learn how certain situations are dangerous.”  He also said that as the children boarded the buses to return to school, they received a few reminders of their trip to Safety Awareness Days.  They included pencils, coloring pages, safety brochures, apples, and pumpkins.
Many of the stations are focused on safety – such as bicycle safety, fire safety, lawn mower safety, and first aid. Other stations focus on various aspects of agriculture. Students also learned about products made from milk, corn, soybeans, honey and apples, as well as the products that go into making a cheeseburger. They petted farm animals, sat on a tractor, roasted marshmallows, and painted pumpkins.
“Most students today do not live on farms,” Guttadore said. “Days like these give students an opportunity to learn about where their food comes from.”          
Members of the Greenville FFA provided and served lunch for the children. They sat on bales of straw on an almost perfect weather day to enjoy their noontime lunch of ham sandwiches, apple, cookies, and water.
This program has been a tradition for the FFA for many years and each year we try to add something new and different. This year we added a station dealing with Lawn mowers and how to keep safe when in the presence of one. “Safety Awareness Days is a unique opportunity for the younger students to experience agriculture for a day, and learn about being safe in a way they can understand,” stated Guttadore.
We would also like to thank the Greenville Township Fire department and their sidekicks Rage and Walker, Darke Co. YMCA, Spirit Medical Transport, Greenville High Schools Careers with Children program, Darke Co. Senior Fair board, Greenville Street Department, Mrs. Shellenbarger’s hospitalities class at the high school, Mrs. Denise McDade for help with the lunch products, Schlecty Family Farms, Jim and Luann Mann, and all the Alumni, Parents and Members who made this day possible. All of the donations, time, and effort made this great day possible. Thanks again.

FFA Observes Farm Safety Week in Greenville

Several hundred thousand dollars worth of tractors rolled into Greenville High School during Farm Safety Week—ten pieces of agricultural equipment in all.  Their investment—to promote safety on the farm, both today and in the future.
The annual TractorCade, which is held to close up National Farm Safety Week, begins a week of safety activities for members of the Greenville FFA Chapter.  “Our purpose is to promote farm safety on and off the farm,” said Greenville FFA Vice President Thomas Shaw . “We are hoping by recognizing this week and promoting safety, we can help to reduce accidents during this busy harvest season.”
National Farm Safety Week is more than showing off tractors to friends and neighbors as members show parade tractors in front of Greenville High School.  It is planting the seed of safety into the minds of the community
“This is the FFA’s way of promoting safety in a positive way,” Shaw said. “I enjoy seeing all the tractors, of course, but it really says something when you see this many kids come together and want to promote safety.”
Shaw said the need to practice safety, while sharing the roads with farm implements and motorized vehicles, is a year round practice motorists need to remember. “National Farm Safety Week is just that –a week. Safety should be practiced year round though,” he said.
As a promotional feature, students wore T-shirts, which observed the special week and highlighted its meaning.  Students will wear their shirts throughout the year, which will remind individuals of the real meaning of Farm Safety Week—safety for the year.

Girls CC Runners Prepare Pasta Meal for the Boys CC Team

Kristen Karns, Jacob Butsch, Calen Bruner, Bailey Hartle, Caleb Oda, Tanner Herrmann, Jacob Hounshell, James Conway, and Cheyenne Beam at a Pasta Party. Cheyenne and Kristen, members of the girls cross country team, prepared a homecooked meal for the boys who are all members of the Regional qualifying Cross Country team. The team runs this Saturday at Troy High School at 3:00 p.m. for an opportunity to go to State!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Career Tech Students of the Month

Greenville Career Tech Center, in order to honor outstanding accomplishments and leadership in Career Tech Education, is proud to announce the recognition of the September 2013 students of the month.  Dylan Blinn, senior member of Supply Chain Management, and Jake Snyder, senior member of IMTV, received a plaque to honor their selection, a gift certificate from Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe, and a preferred parking spot for a month by the Career Tech Center.

Pictured from left to right: Dylan Blinn and Jake Snyder
Dylan Blinn, senior representative of Supply Chain Management taught by Dara Buchy has competed for Region 3 BPA Officer, was chosen to participate in a Marketing and Management Conference by the Darke County Visitors Bureau, and was selected to edit the current Darke County Visitor’s Bureau Brochure.

Jake Snyder, senior representative of IMTV taught by Lori Hover, has helped to facilitate the transition of Channel 5 to the Greenville Career Tech Center, and worked above and beyond the school day to make sure deadlines are met and projects are filmed to show on Channel 5.

Congratulations to Dylan and Jake for being recognized as the September 2013 Students of the month.  Special Thanks to Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe for providing gift certificates and their continued support of Career Tech Education.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Greenville High School Business Professionals of America

Recently  88 Greenville High School Business Professionals of America members traveled to Wright State Nutter Center to attend the Regional Fall Leadership Conference.  Students along with  advisors, Dara Buchy, Margie Heitkamp, Lori Hoover, Nate Sharp and Bob Warner heard from Dr. Joanne Li, Dean of the Raj Soin College of Business.  Then the region officers were announced and inducted.  During the torch award ceremony, Dylan Garland and Natalie Blinn represented the Greenville Chapter.

The event ended with a sneak peak at the exciting events planned for the National Business Professionals of America Workplace Assessment Conference that will be held, this year, in Indianapolis, IN.    Greenville business students are looking forward to have the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis to experience this year’s event.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Friendly Rivals!

Greenville football player flanked by two childhood friends and National Trail players after the Junior Varsity Game on Saturday, September 28, 2013. : In order: Dylan Hager #78, Elias Watters #72, and Corbin Hoblit #5. Elias attended National Trail prior to attending Greenville.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Students Help Getting Ready for the School Year

Figure 1: Pictured are Austin Kruckeberg, Kelsi Sleppy, and Truong Nguyen
Four seniors in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program in the Career Tech Center at Greenville High School spent time this summer helping the district get ready for the school year.  Kelsi Sleppy, Truong Nguyen, Zach Ditmar, and Austin Kruckeberg were hired to help with the imaging and setting up of over 230 new computers in all the district’s buildings.  The students installed the computers and did all the network cabling for new computer labs in each of the five buildings of the district under the direction of the Network Administrators.  They have just recently completed the installation of the remaining new computers by placing computers in the teachers’ classrooms at the Primary and Intermediate buildings.  The students will be representing Greenville City Schools at the Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) conference at Columbus in November.  This will be the third year in a row the CIS program has been asked to be a part of this conference.  The program was selected as one of three programs in the state to be recognized as Outstanding by the OSBA at their October meeting.

Each summer, the juniors are given a chance to apply for a job over the summer. It provides a good hands-on learning experience for the students as well as much needed help in getting technology ready for a new school year. After school starts, they work on an “as needed” basis after the school day. CIS is a two-year program with an intense focus on computers and networking. It is a Cisco Networking Academy where students have the opportunity to earn up to 40 semester hours of college credit on a Sinclair or Edison transcript. CIS is also an Ohio Board of Regents CTAG program where the students earn credit that is guaranteed to be accepted at any public college in the state. The program is open to any junior or senior in Darke County. CIS is taught by Mr. Nathan Sharp and Mr. Robert Warner. For more information, contact Mr. David Peltz, CT Director at (937)548-4188 x 847.



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Greenville Career Tech Center Hosts BPA Officer Screening

Greenville Career Tech Center hosted the Region 3 Business Professionals of America Officer Screening.  48 students from Greenville Career Tech Center, Stebbins, Centerville, and Miami Valley CTC participated.  A special thank you goes out to the Greenville Career Tech staff and students for their help in organizing and assisting with the event.  We are pleased to say that we have an excellent group of young professionals representing each school district. Business Professionals of America, Ohio Association, is a career-technical student organization (CTSO) consisting of 18 regions located throughout Ohio. Each region has a student leadership team that, with the assistance of advisors, sets the direction for its region. Attached are photos from the BPA Region 3 BPA Officer Screening.  For more information regarding Greenville Career Tech Center 937-548-4188 ext. 847 or visit


Taylor Murphy and Jade Anthony from Greenville CTC welcome guests.
 Greenville Career Tech Center, “Where Kids Matter and Success Happens!”



Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley

and WHIO-TV wants to challenge

Greenville to beat West Carrollton in the:

“Goodwill Drive to Victory Campaign!”

When:  September 16th-20th, 2013

The donation of the following items would be greatly appreciated:

--Clothing                                --Household Items

--Used vehicles                      --Books


--Organs, Pianos

The winning school district of the competition receives scholarship money!!

***Greenville Student Council is asking for community and all of Greenville School District to come together with spirit and pride to collect items to help the people with disabilities in our local communities.

***WHIO-TV has selected Greenville –VS—West Carrollton football game as “Game of the Week” on September 20th.  The winning team gets announced on Channel 7.

***Items may be dropped off in the Goodwill Truck at the high school stadium parking lot starting September 16th.  The donation will be cut off at noon on Friday, September 20th.





Thank you to all of the sponsors who made the new stadium scoreboard and play-clocks possible.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Greenville Auto Tech Program Chosen has 1 of 17 Schools in the Country for ACDELCO Training Pilot/Partnership.

Greenville Auto Tech Program Chosen as 1 of 17 Schools in the Country for ACDELCO Training Pilot/Partnership.
Greenville Career Tech Center’s Automotive Technology Program has been selected as one of 17 schools in the country to participate in a pilot that will run through the fall of 2013.  ACDelco and Greenville Career Tech Center are proud to be a part of such a great project. 

Instructors will be able to supplement their training curriculum by providing their students with this new ACDelco web-based training.  Courses were selected to enhance the Maintenance and Light Repair task list.  The National ACDelco Training Program will include 19 technical and four business web-based training courses chosen to mirror the NATEF training requirements. 

Students will receive an ACDelco certificate of completion for each of the training sessions.   The pilot will expand into a National Training Program in early 2014. 
Greenville Career Tech Center’s Automotive Technology Program is taught by Travis Nicholas and Jim Anderson.  Please contact 937-548-4188 if you would like to learn more about Automotive Technology at Greenville Career Tech Center.

 Greenville Career Tech Center: “Where Kids Matter and Success Happens!”

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mercer Savings Bank Celebrates 125 Days of Giving Back

In celebration of Mercer Savings Bank’s 125th Anniversary, the bank is giving back to the community.  Mercer Savings Bank will donate $125 to 125 different charities and organizations for 125 days.  Mercer Savings Bank’s goal is to give back to the communities that have contributed to Mercer Savings Bank’s 125 years of excellence.  On August 12, 2013 Mercer Savings Bank donated $125 to Woodland Primary Schools for school supplies.  Pictured above are Shawna Stewart, employee at Mercer Savings Bank, Emma Stewart, and Andrea Townsend, principal of Woodland Primary School


Woodland Primary is one of Greenville City School’s 5 buildings.  Approximately 600 students attend Woodland in grades Kindergarten through second grade.  At Woodland we work hard on developing skills in students that will be beneficial to students for school and life.  Support of organizations such as Mercer Savings Bank makes it possible to provide students with the materials they need to participate in developing these skills.  The students and teachers appreciate all the ways that the community supports students and schools in Greenville.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thank you for Backing the WAVE

Back the WAVE 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lady Wave Basketball - Update

 Greenville Lady Wave Youth basketball camp for incoming grades 2 thru 8.  The camp is being held Monday June 24th thru Friday June 28th from 9am to 12pm at the Greenville High School gym. Registration forms and money need to be mailed to or dropped off to  the Greenville High School Athletic office. Please make checks payable to the Greenville Athletic Boosters. Forms are available at the Athletic office for anyone who did not receive one or would like to register.  Please feel free to contact the the athletic department at 548-4188, Coach Martin at 417-0354 or Coach Liette at 417-0207 with any questions.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Greenville City Schools Completes Ohio EPA Clean Diesel School Bus Grant Work

Greenville owns and operates 29 school buses. Twenty of these buses are used for daily bus routes. The other 9 buses are used for field trips, athletic and music events and when a daily route bus is in for service. In 2012 the Ohio EPA awarded a total of $277,885.53 to Ohio schools with $63, 653.00 awarded to Greenville City Schools. These grants were used to install pollution control equipment on 75 buses, 13 of them being Greenville buses. These grants were also used to install idle reduction technology on 68 buses with 19 of them, Greenville school buses. Across Ohio, these projects will achieve an estimated annual reduction of 262.2 pounds of fine particulates, plus more than 3 tons of annual reductions in carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. These grants are supported with funds from civil penalties collected by Ohio EPA for violations of Ohio’s environmental protection laws.
The idle reduction technology comes in the form of a pre-heater which has a timer attached and comes on automatically 90-120 minutes before the bus is started to warm the fluids. This in turn cuts down on emissions from idling and saves the district money by reducing fuel costs and electric use since there is no need to plug in a block heater.
The DOC’s were installed in place of the mufflers and these will reduce emissions from each bus by 15-30%. Students are especially sensitive to air pollution because their respiratory systems are still developing. Students riding Greenville buses will be able to breathe easier with less air pollution coming from their own bus.

Rob Widener, mechanic for Greenville Schools, heard about the Grant and approached his supervisor, Beth Cain, who did all the necessary paperwork to apply for the grant. The EPA staff was very helpful with all questions. Greenville received word they were chosen to receive the grant in November 2012. Cummins Bridgeway was the vendor who ordered the parts and did the installation work. Cummins Bridgeway came to Greenville on January 21st to install 12 of the 13 DOC’s, all in one day. The last DOC and the 19 pre-heaters were installed at their location in West Chester on various dates in April. Greenville Schools is happy to report the grant work was successfully completed on May 1, 2013.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greenville Career Tech Hospitality Students Bring Home State Honors

Eight Greenville Senior High School Hospitality students recently competed at the Ohio Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Leadership Conference skill event competition in Columbus, Ohio.  Kelsey Brandenburg and Jessica Setser, juniors in the Greenville Hospitality Program earned a Gold rating and took home the 1st place state trophy in the Creative Banquet Table Design competition.  In addition to their trophy, the students each earned a $6,000 scholarship to Sullivan University in Kentucky. 

Also earning top honors at the competition were senior Ashley Bowers who earned a Silver rating and placed 2nd in the state.  Senior Ashley Byerly and Junior Kayla Vanata earned a Silver rating in Hotel Linen Operations and placed 3rd in the state.  The Meeting Event Setup Team of Senior Brandon Gilbert, Juniors Taylor Meyers and Kylie Vanata earned a Gold rating and placed 3rd in the state.  Greenville Hospitality students earned a total of $26,000 in scholarship monies.  The Hospitality program is a two-year career technical program at Greenville High School and students train in many facets of the Hospitality industry including guest room services, facility maintenance, linen technology and banquet catering and service.  Through FCCLA, students have many opportunities to compete at the local, regional and state levels and also log numerous community service hours through the local organization. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bond Issue Information- Strong Schools Strong Community

For information about the upcoming bond issue, Please visit

Monday, April 29, 2013

"We Got This"

 Greenville Fire Department helps South MS get pumped up for the OAA testing at our "We've Got This" pep assembly.

South Middle School Raises $2,200 for American Heart Association

South MS raised $2,200 for the American Heart Association and since the students met their goal Mrs Schaar, Mr Plessinger and Mr Roll were taped to the wall and sprayed with silly string as promised!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Light Up The Night

The community is invited May, 10th at 9pm to help Light Up The Night – a benefit Corynna Strawser.  With 400 beautiful lighted lanterns glowing on the City Park pond you won’t want to miss the opportunity to simply join us that evening as we show our love and support to this amazing young lady.

Corynna Strawser, a Greenville teen, has suffered from an incurable gastrointestinal illness the majority of her life as well as mitochondrial disease. Over the past two years Corynna’s illness has become more severe and she cannot do the things she used to be capable of. Because of Corynna’s medical needs it has become necessary for the family to make their home more accessible for Corynna to live only on the first floor as she can no longer walk.  They need to build an addition to provide her with a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.
This amazing young girl has gone through multiple surgeries and pain that no one could ever imagine with rarely a complaint.  As a community, it is our time to come together to help the Strawser family by Lighting UpThe Night. 

We are asking for the community to help by purchasing the paper lanterns for $3.00  through any donation they are able to make to this worth cause.  In kind donations of labor as well as donations of supplies are also being accepted.  Please stop by Furniture Express on Wagner Avenue or at American Title on Broadway to make your donation to help Corynna!  Lanterns will be sold in the high school lobby from 11 to 12:30 during the first week of May.  
The event will be held in the Greenville City Park on May 10th at 9pm at the two center ponds and anyone is welcome to come set up and light the lanterns at 8pm on that date. The scheduled rain date is Saturday, May 11th.   We plan to launch 400 lanterns for the Strawser family to show our support. For any questions please contact Dara Buchy at or by calling 5484188 (career tech office). Please join us for this amazing event!


Friday, April 19, 2013

SCM Helps Community Employment Services

Supply Chain Management students from Greenville High School recently completed a marketing project for Community Employment Services a program within the Darke County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

This fall Tamala Marley, Job Coordinator for CES, approached the Greenville Career Tech Center for assistance in designing a new tri-fold brochure to enhance their marketing program.  The SCM students offered their services and the collaboration began.

Ms. Marley came into the SCM classroom and shared her ideas and goals for the project. The students in both the Junior SCM class and the Senior SCM class got to work in teams of two creating their personal brochure as they understood the goals.  After completion the students reviewed all of the projects and voted on the top three options to submit to the CES program for review.  The winning brochure was selected and a few small revisions made. Ms. Marley’s Team was excited for the creative outcome and look forward to using it to increase awareness for the program in the community.

Senior SCM student  Adam Hickerson, explained, “It was nice to work for a business in our community. The experience taught us how to take others ideas and guidelines to create something that is appreciated and can have a positive impact on the community.”
 The senior SCM students recently toured Wayne Industries to see the how the facility functions and how the brochure will benefit the workers.   While on tour, the students had an opportunity to speak with a Wayne Industries employee. He explained to the students he enjoys working at  both Wayne Industries and Arby’s.  His job at Arby’s is part of the Community Employment Services program!  Jobs like this allow the workers the opportunity to be more self sufficient and successful!  “I enjoyed experiencing the job site of Wayne Industries.  It was neat to see the employees working, but made me realize even more how important this brochure is to allowing them to  make more money and support themselves,” said Brian Bailey after the tour.

Tara Guillozet, the creator of the chosen brochure shares, “Having the opportunity to work with Tamala Marley with CES and create this brochure has given me real life experience. She knew what she wanted. We made it happen!”
Supply Chain Management is a two year program offered at Greenville High School Career Tech Center.  The students study all aspects of logistics, procurement, customer service, and marketing. The program welcomes community involvement and invites area business owners to share their experiences in the classroom. If you are interested in speaking to this group of students please contact, Dara Buchy 93-548-4188 or


The Greenville FFA chapter Agronomy judging team placed high at Wilmington judging invitational.

The team consisted of Alyssa Garber, Patrick Garber, Brady Garber, Bradley Garber, and Patrick Schmitmeyer. The team placed 2nd overall in the contest. High-scoring individuals were Patrick Garber (left), placing 3rd overall and Alyssa Garber (right), placing 2nd overall.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

South Middle School News

The group of Micah Light, Jacob Mikesell, Tess McClure, and Kassie Cline work on their roller coaster. Sixth grade students recently completed a unit that dealt with energy and force. The amusement park rides are a way to show off that they have learned. The roller coaster, for example, must have enough potential energy at the top of the first hill to over come the friction and wind resistance and still have enough kinetic energy to reach the end of the track. Knowledge of mass vs volume (density) also plays a roll in selecting materials better suited to provide enough energy to reach the end of the track.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Middle School Students Visit Edison

South Middle School sixth graders went on a field trip to Edison Community College in Piqua through the Bridges to College program.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CT Marketing 11 and 12

Marketing 11 and 12 have been very busy this school year.   All of our students are taking academic/business classes in the Greenville Career Technology Center, while some also play high school sports and hold down a marketing internship averaging 12-15 hours a week.  

Currently, 93% of our Marketing students are employed by local businesses through out the Greenville community, and in several instances, students are holding down two internship jobs at the same time.  We have students interning with business partners such as Versailles Health Care Center, Brethren Retirement Community, Scott D. Rudnick Law Firm, Splash and Dash, First Rate Industries, Greenville Technology Incorporated   and Specialized Castings Industries.  Other students are interning at our local food service establishments:  McDonald’s, Arby’s, Bob Evans, Fairlawn Steak House as well as retailers:  Furniture Express, Readmore’s Hallmark and COPES Distributing. 

Ninety-one percent of Senior Marketing 12 students are planning on attending College or Technical School upon graduation this spring.  We are also excited that we have become part of Tech Prep which is partnered with Sinclair Community College.   This allows our senior students to become eligible for a $3000 college tuition scholarship to study business in Sinclair‘s College of business.   Our students can then further develop their business skills and in many cases, continue their current employment.    Its been a very exciting school year in Marketing for students as they continue to develop academically, gain valuable work experience, and develop skills in our community while they earn money.  
If you are an employer looking for part-time employees for afternoons, evenings and weekend hours, feel free to contact Reed Mikesell, Marketing Coordinator, at 937-548-4188 ext 848 or email for more details,   and we will try to help you fill your employment needs.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


The Greenville FFA Agricultural and Industrial Diagnostics judging team of Brady Garber and Patrick Schmitmeyer  placed 5th at Darke County contest.  The contest was held at Koenig Equipment and employees of Koenig’s ran the contest for teams from Darke County FFA Chapters.

The Tractor Troubleshooting contest involves a team of two members.  The team had 4 tractors that were bugged with problems and the team had to identify the bug and then fix the problem.  Examples of problems that can be found in the tractors are bad fuses, broken electrical wiring, blown lights, safety switches disconnected, obstructed air flow, and others.  It challenges the team members to work in a systematic method to troubleshoot the problem, utilize computers to help in identifying the problem and to correct it. The team members also have a written test to take concerning similar topics.  Members have 20 minutes to complete each of the stations of the contest.

  Brady and Patrick advanced on to the District 5 Agricultural and Industrial Diagnostics judging contest on February 23rd at  the Koenig Dealership in Anna, Ohio.  They placed 5th out of 18 teams in the District contest.  Special thanks go to Koenig Equipment for setting up the contests and practices for the local chapters.

Welding Demonstration Given to Greenville Welding Students

On January 25th, Chad   from Schmeltzer Lefelds Supply and Rental, demonstrated how to use a MIG welder to Greenville FFA students who are enrolled in a welding and fabrication class. Three classes of welders got to participate in this demonstration.

Origami at South Middle School

South Middle School students in Miss Petry's class have been reading about origami with Mrs. Myers in the library. After reading, they made origami cats and dogs.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Greenville CT - To Hold Open House

Greenville Career Tech Center will be hosting a community/parent open house Wednesday, February 6 from 5:00-6:30
For a look at all Career Tech Programs please visit:

Today we spotlight two programs with two new instructors for this school year who have their programs and kids preparing for the future: Please see the below post for their videos.

Emily Powers: Med Tech
Dara Buchy: Supply Chain Management

Greenville Career Tech Center: "Where Kids Matter and Success Happens"

GREENVILLE CITY SCHOOLS - A Look at Supply Chain Management


South Middle School

South Middle School students are learning archery skills in Mrs. Jones' physical education class.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Junior High Theatre Workshop Rides the Wave in WIPEOUT!

 Every year the Junior High Theatre Workshop troupe diligently works to present an exciting theatre performance for the community while learning the basics of all facets of theatre production. This year’s show is titled WIPEOUT , presented on February 8th 7 9th at Greenville Lighthouse Christian  with over 30 students and two adult actors actively participating.

The show kicked off before Thanksgiving with auditions and has been running practices every day after school.  The students participate in the set design, produce choreography and even manage ticket sales. This is truly an experience where the students must learn to work together to bring an amazing final product to the stage.
Wipeout is set in the early 1960’s on a beach in California. The root of the problem is the local surf shop is set to sell their business to a ruthless business man so he is able to turn the beach into a parking lot.  There are two groups of kids that hang on the beach, the Cove Kids and the Avalon Kids.  One group wants to save the beach and the other wants their part of the money pie!

“Theatre is a lot of fun! It’s a lot of hard work and the outcome WILL BE great! Theatre is a great way to express your creative side”, says Kassidy York, second year Theatre member.  Allison Baughman shared,” Being on stage is way harder than it looks!”

The production is directed by Mr. Tory Martin. Mr. Martin explained this is the 28th year for Theatre Workshop which was started by Mrs. Marti Davis and Mrs. Grace Kennsinger.  There have been several amazing directors throughout the tenure of the program with Tory Martin running the show for the last 9 years.

Wipe Out  has been the most interesting production so far!” says Mr. Martin.  “In the 9 years I’ve done this we’ve walked the yellow brick road in Oz, we had a satirical look at Romeo and Juliet, visited a hospital in Dr. Devaroe, had Senility, Big Foot, Hula competitions, thrown a sheriff in Jail  and now surf competitions.” 
Everyone is invited to WIPEOUT – February 8th and 9th 7pm, Lighthouse Christian Center, in Greenville.  Presale tickets are available for $4.00 each  see any theatre student or email   Tickets will be available for $5.00 at the door. Doors open at 6:30 pm! Special Thanks to Lighthouse Christian, H.S Theatre, Mr. Raby and his Woodshop class for the surf boards! We hope to see you all at the beach!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Glance at Greenville Career Tech!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CIS Competes in the Deloitte Virtual Team Challenge

Students from the Greenville Career Tech Center CIS (Computer Information Systems) Program recently competed in the Deloitte Virtual Team Challenge. The Virtual Team Challenge gave Greenville Computer Information System Students a taste of the different aspects of working as an employee of a fictional professional services firm. Every participant was able to fulfill one of several roles on a simulated professional services team and compete against other teams to clean up an oil spill in the river of New City. The simulation was a 3D, virtual environment. The results have been posted for the nationwide Virtual Team Challenge we competed in sponsored by Deloitte. Placing in the top 40 nationally was the team consisting of Chrissy Holdeman, Janelle Davidson, Zeppelin Hoehn, and Robert Liebherr, as they virtually earned $173,006.00 for 38th place. The second team, consisting of Nicholas Venenga, Aaron Leverronne, Reece Kennett, and Dakoda Kitchen virtually earned $159,670.00 for 72nd place. The top 400 winners in the nation were posted on their website. Congratulations to the Greenville Career Tech Students for placing in the top 75 in the nation. CIS Student, Chrissy Holdeman stated, "We had to research potential virtual clients for the virtual company we were working for. We learned to be careful and diligent in the hiring process." CIS student Zeppelin Hoehn stated, "It basically shows that a lot of hard work goes into working for a professional company and doing business with multiple clients at the same time. It was a very interesting and a valuable experience."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Supply Chain Management Aids BPW at Santa Breakfast

This holiday season the Supply Chain Management Class of the Greenville Career Tech Center helped bring some festive cheer by assisting the local Business & Professional Women’s Club with their annual breakfast with Santa!

On Saturday, December 15
th, members of BPW and SCM welcomed 70+ guests to enjoy a fun filled morning including breakfast with Santa, holiday music and gifts for all of the children.

The students are members of Business Professionals of America and wanted to participate in a holiday community service event. The group connected locally with Business & Professional Women’s Club and volunteered to help with Breakfast with Santa. The instructor for SCM and also BPW member is Dara Buchy who coordinated the students’ efforts with the club.

During the event the students had to arrive early on a Saturday morning to set-up tables, cooked food, greeted the guests, assisted the photographer, aided Santa, served food, and then completed the morning with clean-up. In the Kitchen there were several hard working student chefs. Isaac Lane, Junior SCM member explained, "Cooking is sure harder than it looks!"

Gifts for the honored guests, the children, were donated by the Supply Chain students and they enjoyed being Elves for Santa as each child had the opportunity to share with Santa exactly what they wanted for Christmas. When asked about the event Sabrina Curry, Senior SCM member shared, " the kids are so cute and happy to be here with Santa! This is
really FUN!"

The Greenville BPW Club’s mission is to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. The BPW holds a dinner meeting the second Thursday of each month. If you are interested in learning more about the group or for membership please feel free to contact Mrs. Gail Snyder via email

The Greenville Career Tech program Supply Chain Management is a two year program preparing students for the business world while providing them with opportunities to learn about varied job opportunities and earning college credit as well. If you would be willing to host the students to tour your business or would be willing to share with the classroom your workplace experience please feel free to contact Dara Buchy,

both Junior and Senior members of SCM set-up, prepared food, served and cleaned up Santa’s Breakfast. The

The Christmas Committee of the Greenville Business & Professional Women’s (BPW) Club hosted the December 13th meeting which was held at the Brethren Retirement Center.

Dara Buchy, Shirley Morrow and Tasha Anderson from the Christmas Committee planned a festive evening. The club was entertained with beautiful Christmas carols sung by Samantha Buchy, Michelle Fannin and Hannah Gulley from the Greenville Junior High School.

This year the local BPW group collected sweat suits for the Domestic Violence Center. The huge stack of clothing was presented to Annie Sonner from the center.

The Club ended the meeting preparing for the Breakfast with Santa that was scheduled for December 15th. Everyone enjoyed wrapping presents that were chosen for all the children listed to attend the breakfast. The gifts were generously donated by the students from the Business Professional Association from Greenville Senior High School. The group’s instructor/advisor is BPW member Dara Buchy.

. The Club holds fund raisers throughout the year to raise money to grant scholarships to the young women of Darke County. The Club meets the second Thursday of every month for a dinner meeting