Sunday, June 28, 2009

Greenville Auto Tech Earns GOLD

A Gold Medal has again made its way from Kansas City, Missouri to Greenville, Ohio.

A Big Green Wave Congratulations....

Goes out to the Greenville High School Automotive Technology Team of:

Zachary Barger
Derrick Diehl
Christopher McDowell
and Instructors Mr. Jim Anderson & Mr. Travis Nicholas

This team of young people, with the guidance and support of their instructors, earned the GOLD medal at the SkillsUSA National Competition in Kansas City on Friday, June 26 for their project on preventative maintenance. This is a great honor for the students, their families, the teachers, and the entire school community from which this project grew. This great honor is the result of many hours of studying, planning, building, revising, and collaboration during school hours, weekends, and holidays over a 14 month period of time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


High Five For Wave Pride … A New Tidal Wave
The pastor of my church preached a sermon not long ago entitled “Legacy or Lunacy.” As he was talking about traditions (both good and bad) we have inherited and those we are currently passing on to a younger generation, I began thinking about an article that was emailed to me back in June. It was entitled, “The Tidal Wave, a story….” It was written by Tom Hanes and supplemented by the memories of Jean L. Hanes (GHS ’48), Bud Stegall, Mike Stegall (GHS ’72), Jim McCombs, and Amy Bedwell (GHS ’77) Erisman.
In it, he reminisces about how the Wave Cannon we hear today at our football games, the old fire truck known as the Wave Wagon that carries our players and cheerleaders in parades, and the street known as Green Wave Way came into existence. It is an interesting account of a group of people who began a group they called “Tidal Wave.” They, as Mr. Hanes put it, “…wanted to shake things up to see what they could do to get the community involved.” At the conclusion of the article, he made a statement that really struck me. He said, “In our short life, the Tidal Wave gave this as our legacy to our city, our school, our kids….” I am as a graduate of Greenville High School, a leader in the school district, and community member, a beneficiary of this great legacy and now someone who wants to, as that group did a number of years ago, “shake things up.”
The “High Five for Wave Pride” campaign is intended to do what the Tidal Wave did years ago, refocus our community’s eyes on our kids and schools. The negative perception that has cast its shadow over the district for the past several years must no longer be allowed to exist. Too many positive things are going on everyday. I have had the privilege to observe from an internal perspective the efforts our students and staff have put forth to improve themselves in the classroom and in extra-curricular contests of every kind. Additionally, I am even more pleased when I hear about the community service work many of them perform as individuals or as part of an organized group. High Five is intended to effectively communicate this information to the entire community.
While the Tidal Wave’s existence was short lived, I am planning a much longer life span for the High Five movement. You will continue to see and hear more about how our students, families, staff, businesses, and the community are working together to move Greenville City Schools to the next level. I want our kids to realize that they are never too young to leave or be a part of leaving a legacy of which they can be proud. One that many years later, they can fondly recall just like the individuals from the Tidal Wave.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Five Greenville High School students placed at the annual All County Art Show. The students are instructed by Jane Cleary and Melanie Huffman.
Best of Show - Debra Rice
1st Place - Britley Ritz
3rd Place - Brandi Brumbaugh
Honorable Mention - Mackenzie Marker & Katelyn Miller


2008 - 2009 ACHIEVEMENTS

District Contest - Symphonic Band Superior Rating

State Contest - Excellent Rating


Sarah Britsch - Class B Saxophone Solo : Superior Rating

Kathy S. Chavez - Class C Trumpet Trio: Superior Rating
 & Ohio State University Honor Band

Jordan Hiestand - BGSU Reading Clinic

Heather Bailey - Class B Trumpet Solo : Excellent
 Class C Trumpet Trio: Superior
 Ohio State University Honor Band

Joey Conrad - Class B Tuba Solo Superior
Kalli Middlestetter - Class B Trumpet Solo Superior
 Class C Trumpet Solo Superior

Jonathan Payne - 2009 All-State Orchestra
 Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra 
 District 11 Honor Band
 Tri-State (Wright State) Honor Band

Solo and Ensemble Horn Solo
 Interlochen - Summer 2009
Class B Brass Trio - Superior

Brandon Shields - Class B Trombone Solo Superior
 Class C Trombone Trio Excellent

Nikki Simmons - Class B Bari Sax Solo Superior

Brad Spettel - Class B Trombone Solo Superior Class B Brass Trio - Superior

Karri Stickley - 2009 State FFA Band
 Class B Tuba Solo Excellent

Jacob Waller - Class B Trumpet Solo Superior Class B Brass Trio - Superior

Angela Borgerding - Class B Clarinet Solo Superior
 BGSU Reading Clinic

Adam Chatwood - Class B Trombone Solo Superior
 Class C Trombone Trio Excellent

Christian Jennings - 2009 State FFA Band

Torri Keaser - Class B Flute Solo Excellent

Verna Nicely - Class A Trombone Solo Superior

District 11 Honor Band
 Ohio State Honor Band

Kirsten Smith - Class B Flute Solo Excellent

Ben Thompson - Class C Tuba Solo Excellent

Claire Sherman - Class C Trumpet Solo Superior

Doug Taylor - Class C Snare Solo Excellent

Alex Wolter - Class C Trombone Trio Excellent
The Greenville High School Class of 2009 earned over $1,000,000 in scholarship money to be utilized next year.

Scholarship/Award -Winner

Loman Shiverdecker Scholarship- Michelle Brandt and Andrew Sharp
Elks Scholarship- Brittany Bowers and Matt Suter
Deborah Kindell Memorial Scholarship- Erin Hartzell
Ohio Elks Career Grant- Beth Barger
Miami University Darke County Alumni Book Scholarship-Kevin Leland and Matt Suter
Rotary Scholarship-Chelsea Brand, Ryan Butts, Kristen Keller, Tasha Livingston, Laci
Warner Family Scholarship- Danielle Stockslager
Francis A. Burns Memorial Scholarship- Jeanette Schmidt
Reid Hospital Health Care Scholarship- Chelsea Brand
Zeller/Brant Memorial Scholarship- Sarah Lyle
H.O.P.E. Foundation Scholarship-Claire McKinney, Sariah Merrill, Kevin Murray,Ambrosia Davidson, Chelsea Schmidt, Jennifer Beisner
Jeffery T. Goldsmith Memorial Scholarship- Christopher Lockhart
Harvest Land Co-Op Scholarship- Clayton McGlothlin
Ray Kroc Youth Achievement Award - David Fletcher
BASF Scholarship- Melanie Stall
Lambda Chi Omega Sorority- Ryan Butts
Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Greenville- Ryan Butts
Collette Eikenberry Memorial Scholarship - Ryan Butts
Kiwanis Scholarship- Sadie Warvel and Erin Hartzell
Miss Cheerleader of America Award- Britley Ritz and Kaylin Cates
Principal's Choice Award- Brittany Bowers
Presbyterian Church Scholarship - Christopher Lockhart, Amanda Fox, Kevin Leland
Harold Clark Family Scholarship -Sadie Warvel, Christopher Lockhart, Kevin Leland, Amanda Fox
Athletic Booster Scholarship-Gabe Dorsten, Erin Hartzell, Ashlee Hetzler, Brad Hosfeld, Kirstie Hunt, Kirstin Keller, Molly Ruble, Lucy Stephens
Bluffton University Scholarship - Sarah Britsch
GEA Scholarship - Michelle Brandt, Sarah Britsch, Danielle McCool
Greenville Youth Football Scholarship - Kaylin Cates, Cale Marker
Adam Marchal Memorial Scholarship - Tyler Martin
Greenville PTSA Scholarship- Tim Bowers and MacKenzie Sides
Ohio PTA Scholarship - Erin Hartzell
Ohio National Guard - Shaun Duplessis, Zach T. Melling, Mike Adkins, Exin McCoy, Hannah McFerren, Jeff Crawford
West Point Certificate of Admissions- Timothy Bowers
GHS Student Council Scholarship - Tyler Martin
Varsity G Scholarship- Christopher Lockhart and Ashlee Hetzler
Lori Williams Memorial Scholarship - Ryan Butts
French Club Scholarship - Sarah Lyle
Spanish Club Scholarship - Kirstin Keller
DeKalb Award - Andrew Clark
Larry Wagner Memorial Scholarship- Andrew Clark
Greenville FFA Alumni Scholarship - Clayton McGlothlin
Dwight L. Brown Scholarship - Brooke Copp
Elizabeth Hill Award- Ryan Butts
Arion Award- Tyler Erisman
National School Choral Award - Chris Andres
Wendy's High School Heisman Award - Christopher Lockhart
State Farm Scholar Athlete Award - Tyler Martin and Erin Hartzell
National Tech Prep Registry Award - Jessica Knick, Rebekah Ball, Beth Barger, Alexis Kermeen, Jeanette Schmidt, Alex Good, Nichole Hartman, Christian Lobenstein, Laci Stikeleather,Kristina Melling, Bethany Doseck
National Merit Commendation Award - Timothy Bowers
Salutatorian Award - Timothy Bowers
Valedictorian Award - Melanie Stall

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