Monday, December 2, 2013

Lights, Film, Action

The junior and senior Interactive Media (IMTV) students in the Career Tech Center at Greenville Senior High School have been applying their skills to real projects through partnerships with local community clients.

One of IMTV’s highlight projects is the production of a promotional show for the Light Foundation’s Darke County Annual Turkey Hunt.  IMTV senior, Jake Synder and junior, Isaak Clevenger teamed up with GHS IMTV alumni, Alex Stewart to film, edit and produce the show. This is the third year in a row that IMTV has partnered with the Light Foundation. This show will be aired in all of the Darke County Schools, on Greenville’s Public Access Television Channel 5 and the Light Foundation’s website.

This year IMTV has also been in transition of taking ownership of the former GPAT (Greenville Public Access Television), now the new Channel 5, WAVE.  The students have been very busy in creating logos, templates, message board postings and programming for Channel 5.  The students have been video recording the Greenville City Council Meetings, Board of Education Meetings, GHS sports and other community events such as the MainStreet Greenville, Holiday Horse Parade. IMTV is looking forward to upgrading programming for the citizens of Greenville and Darke County.

Interactive Media is a creative, business oriented approach to graphics arts, computer animation, audio/video techniques, photography and web design. Students learn to use advanced multimedia techniques to create, organize, manage, and present digital information in a variety of media forms.  Upon successfully completion of this course, students will be proficient in using industry standard software and hardware, efficiently managing and presenting information, comfortably presenting projects to small groups as well as planning, designing and creating multimedia projects successfully in both team and individual environments. 

For more information about the program or if you have a client project for IMTV, please contact Mrs. Lori Hoover at (937) 548-4188, ext. 840 or Mr. David Peltz CT Director at (937) 548-4188, ext. 847.

GHS Engineering Program Presents Skills for the Future

GREENVILLE, OH – The Engineering program at Greenville Senior High School already has presented interesting learning experiences this year and has much more in store for its members. The class of 2014 just finished up metrology with their final exam recently. Students acquired skills in methods of measurement, using tools such a micrometer, vernier caliper, depth mic, and many more. The class received college credit through labs and test from Edison Community College.   

The seniors are currently working on their Senior Capstone Projects. The students are nearing the completion of 12 years of education. Combining their knowledge and skills, students are to develop the idea of a “green” energy source. The students are expected to develop a product or process of some kind, displaying their knowledge and research. Projects being displayed include a water vortex, a hydro- electric dam, a solar hydro-electric RC car, and the gasifier. Students are also expected to provide a lengthy research paper and portfolio. A formal presentation is then given to a panel composed of teachers, community leaders and peers.

The program stays busy and often ventures beyond campus. Future field trips are set to include the local YMCA for a safety inspection, as well as the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. Students also pack a bus full and head north to the Detroit Auto Show later in the school year. A community service project is also in the works for both seniors and juniors.

For more information about the Engineering program, contact instructor Chris Sykes at Greenville High School. 

By Ethan Clark

Senior Class Reporter