Thursday, September 24, 2009

South Middle School to Offer after-school tutoring & mentoring program

On Monday, September 28, 2009 South School will be starting its' after school program daily from 2:30pm to 4:00pm for any 5th or 6th graders that are interested. It will be a time to hang out with friends, play games, and get help on any homework or class work you need. All students participating must have a signed permission slip. Permission slips are in your September newsletters. If you are interested in volunteering to help, would like to donate snacks, or have any questions feel free to contact Lindsay Peltz at 937-548-3525 or e-mail me at

Friday, September 18, 2009


FFA Tractor CADE

Superintendent Susie Riegle led a Tractor Cade of approximately 20 tractors through the city park and in front of Greenville High School Friday morning. The FFA advisors are Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Guttadore.


What does an industrious student do over the summer? Why, build a computer of course. That’s what Miles Halley, a current senior in Mr. Bob Warner’s Greenville High School’s Computer Information Systems class (CIS), did!

The purpose of the CIS program is to introduce the students to industry’s standards in software and to work in lab settings to simulate real world situations. CIS is also a tech prep program which means that students take academic courses as well as career-technical courses (employable skills courses). When successfully completing this two-year program, students earn college credits while still attending high school and are eligible for scholarships to Edison or Sinclair Community Colleges.

Halley built a functioning computer out of Legos and scrap computer parts. The design for his plan began in his junior CIS class taught by Mr. Nathan Sharp. Building the Lego computer was going to be a class project but time restraints prohibited the completion of the project. Halley, a diligent student, took it upon himself to build a replica on his own during the summer break. He even added a USB port. Halley named his computer “Skittles” after the original model. Halley remarked, “It took me five days to build. The biggest challenge in building it was getting all the Legos to fit in place. I built it all myself, with the exception of the clear plastic top and front on the case. These were added to make it possible to view the working parts. My dad helped me to cut and Velcro the plastic to the Legos.”

When asked how he felt about his accomplishment, he replied, “I learned a lot in Mr. Sharp’s junior class. That knowledge was very important in putting the computer together. Building the computer on my own has given me confidence. I’m looking forward to my senior CIS class.”

Upon graduation, Halley hopes to pursue a career in game designing, program designing, or computer repairs.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

GJHS Remembers 9-11

Greenville Junior High School held its annual 9-11 Ceremony.

Thank you to all for attending. Enjoy the pictures.


GHS Auto Program Integrates Academics - Tech Students Build Winning Site

The GHS Auto Tech Program is featured in this months addition of Techdirections.

Please copy the link below into your browser and then go to pages 36-37

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch your Speed - New Speed Zone at Woodland Primary

NEW - The Ohio Department of Transportation has just installed two new flashing school speed zone signs just outside Woodland Primary. The new speed zone on State Route 118 is 20 MPH. These new signs will help slow traffic during the school day as students are arriving and departing from school. A big thank you goes out to Craig Eley and his crew at the Ohio Department of Transportation for improving the safety of traffic for parents, students, and the staff of Woodland Primary.