Tuesday, January 25, 2011

District Spelling Bee Goes the Distance

Greenville City Schools held the district spelling today with 12 participants from 5 different schools. Participants included:

East School - Max Erwin and Tessa Garber
South Middle School -Chad Harter and Landin Brown - 1st Place
Greenville Junior High - Danielle Liebherr and Natalie Esarey - 2nd Place

St. Mary's Catholic School - Athan Whitney and Alex Hartzell

Montessori Elementary - Jacob Troutwine 3rd Place and Elizabeth Elierman
Montessori Junior High - Kelly Snyder and Ally Hays

Congratulations to everyone for an outstanding Spelling Bee

Friday, January 14, 2011

All County Junior High Honor Band

Congratulations to Haley Baker, Sarah Brandon, Nycole Burk, Shyanne Byers, Kamryn Coppock, Scott Denman, Zoe Fields, Taeanna Fields, Addison Hart, Ashton Kester, Alex Lance, Ripley Lewis, Lukas, Lowry, Candice Malott, Megan McFaddin, Quinten Muhlenkamp, Alex Parkman, Nicole Sherry, Drew Snell, Joe Suter, Brandon Sykes, Judge Welbaum,and Sara Wenning for an outstanding performance last weekend with the 80-member All-County Junior High Honor Band.

JH Sports Update

The seventh grade boys basketball team beat Wayne Studebaker Saturday 52-12. It was a total team effort by the Green Wave. The half-time score was 25-8 and the Wave held it’s opponent to a four second-half points. The boys improved their record to 5-2. The boys have two games this week: tonight versus Northmont White and Wednesday vs. Vandalia Morton.

The eighth grade boys’ basketball team beat Springfield Blue 48-42. Kendall Hemer was leading scorer with 19 points with Allen Tabler adding 11points and 5 assists
The eighth grade boys’ basketball team lost to Wayne Weisenborn 26-45. Kendall Hemer 10 points and Martin Maksvytis added 7 points.

The Green Wave Wrestlers picked up their third straight dual meet victory Thursday night with a 43-28 victory over rival Versailles.
The wrestling team came in 6th place this past weekend with 111 points at the Franklin Junior High wrestling tournament. Placing for the Green Wave was:
Champions: Dylan Kolb at 134; Drake Peters at 160
Runner Up: Kyle Carlisle at 92
3rd: William Nibert at 128
4th: Alex Vanhoose at 122

Targets Project/Game at GJHS

Greenville Junior High and South Middle School have been working hard on professional development. One of the areas of professional development involves taking the State Standards per subject area and breaking them down into more easily understandable...kid friendly language. The teachers have worked by department to translate the standards into somethiing called a Learning Target, or I Can Statement. As the students approach the lesson for each day, they have a Learning Target or I Can statement presented to them so they know what the goal is for the day. I recenlty captured Ms. Colley's 7th Grade Language Arts Class in action working on a review game that involved Learning Targets. Students were to select two learning targets they had been working on over the course of the last five weeks. They then had to develop a game that involved questions and answers regarding those two particular Learning Targets. Students would then have an opportunity to play all the games in the class and review at the same time. The kids working on this particular project were smiling, learning, reviewing, and completely engaged in the activity. The activity was an excellent activity and example of a way to incoporate the Learning Targets into the classroom. The activity showed how State Standards had been broken down into Learning Targets and then incorporated into a classroom setting/activity where kids were completely engaged.
Pictured are the Learning Targets the students could select from as well as a picture of the game/project currently under construction by: Breann Menger, Katie Brinley, Sarah Branden, and Haley Baker. This particular game was called Twisterland, which they described as a combination of Monopoly and Candyland. The two Learning Tagets the students selected were: I can identify prefixes, suffixes, and roots and also I can use word parts. Directions included rolling a dice and answering questions related to the Learning Targets. The students created the questions and answers, the game board, and took photographs of historical landmarks in Greenville. To win the game, one must answer the questions correctly to be the first one to reach the photograph of the Statue of Annie Oakely and save the city of Greenville from a Twister!!!
This was just one example of the projects/games being created. Special thanks to our students and Ms. Colley for their hard work and efforts.

1000 Cranes

Alison Helfrich completed the following project for her 8th Grade Language Arts project. Bev Rhoades is her teacher. Alison's hard work and passion for this assignment was impressive. Great work Alison!!! The following is a summary of her project:
Sadako Sasaki was two years old when the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Ten years later she was diagnosed with leukemia ( atomic bomb disease) and only had a year to live. Sadako's best friend told her of the Japanese legend that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes you get a wish granted. Sadako then began folding 1,000 cranes of her own so she could get her wish to live. Unfortunately, she only made it to 644 before she died. Her friends finished the paper cranes and buried them with her.
When our Language Arts teacher told us we had to do a project on World War 2, I decided to use my own cranes for my project. I had actually started last summer for the fun of it, and then decided to incorporate my 1,000 cranes into my project. It took me 50 hours total to make all 1,000 paper cranes, but it was definately worth it.
Special thanks to Alison and Mrs. Rhoades for their hard work and efforts.