Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Class 2010-2011 GHS National Honor Society Announced

Today GHS National Honor Society Members were announced.

Kami Berner
Jessica Bowers
Jay-Paul Choudhary
Robert Detling
Kimberlee Galloway
Kurt Gruenberg
Matthew Orth
Stephanie Schieltz
Elizabeth Schields
Whitney Wirrig

Caleb Beasecker
Pankti Bhavsar
Jenilee Braun
Tracy Bunger
Parker Cameron
Andrew Cech
Christina Cost
Jessica Dorsten
Jon Edwards
Regan Garber
Amand Garber
Amanda Helfrich
Elizabeth Horner
Samuel Jones
Michael Karns
Landen Kiser
Nicole Leis
Erika Lemar
Laitlyn McDermitt
Nicole Raffel
Mariah Reitz
Claire Sherman
Alexis Sutherland
Douglas Taylor
Hugo Vanderwalt
Nicole Wheeler

Greenville High School NJROTC

Congratulations to Cadet Chris Fenstermaker and Cadet Jessica Bowers for placing seventh and eighth respectively out of over 400 cadets participating in the Central Crossing Drill meet in Columbus, Ohio. Greenville's NJROTC team placed 5th overall out of the 15 teams in the competition. Greenville placed third in inspection led by Jessica Bowers, fourth in unarmed exhibition led by Chelsea Buzard, fourth in Color Guard led by Jessica Bowers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

GJHS Conducts Good Behavior Assembly

Greenville Junior High recently conducted a good behavior assembly in an effort to recognize students who exhibited good behavior for the first nine weeks. Students who were able to maintain their ACE status, were rewarded with a t-shirt in front of the entire student body at an assembly. A balloon arch was created by our art class, and Mr. Fiely volunteered to be a guest announcer. Music (Jock Jams) was played throughout the sound system at Memorial Hall and each student had his or her name announced as they went through the balloon arch and did a celebration or dance. Students enjoyed the assembly and positive behavior recognition. This year we put a special twist on the assembly by inviting business members/sponsors to receive a t-shirt and be a part of the ceremony.
The A.C.E. Program – The mission of the A.C.E. Program at Greenville Junior high School is to acknowledge the social achievements and outstanding contributions of the students through a process of reinforcement, recognition and reward.

Criteria for keeping A.C.E. status:
We believe every student at Greenville Junior High School has the potential to be an A.C.E.! Therefore, each student begins the school year as an A.C.E. It is each student’s CHOICE to remain an A.C.E. Each individual student controls their Attitude, Choices, and Effort.
So what is an A.C.E…? Do you have what it takes…?
Can you imagine having ZERO discipline referrals for an entire year?
A.C.E. = no behavior issues
King = one detention
Queen = one Friday School
Jack = one AIR/OSS
What if a student makes a poor choice? A student can regain their status by improved G.P.A., receiving a B.U.G. Award or receiving a Maid Rite Sportsmanship Award.
Rewards: 1st Quarter = t-shirt 2nd Quarter = A.C.E. Movie Reward
3rd Quarter = pizza party 4th Quarter = picnic and dance party

Special thanks to Jody Flommersfeld, Paul Ericksen, Sandy Snyder, Stephanie Rudd, Ryan Fiely, Rachel Kerns, Nicole Hawk, and our Business Community for all of their efforts and support.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bullying Programs Begin at South Middle School and Greenville Junior High

Bullying Program Begins at South Middle School and Greenville Junior High
Greenville Junior High and Greenville South Middle School recently started a bullying program aimed at education and prevention. Gail Whittington (Darke County Recovery and Darke County Juvenile Court) and Rob Fulker (Darke County Juvenile Court) are leading the program. Gail and Rob recently completed an initial session at South Middle School and have started the first session at Greenville Junior High. They go into the classrooms to engage students regarding all aspects of bullying. They define, educate, and help prevent bullying from happening. They present the program in an engaging manner in order to capture the attention of all students. Greenville Junior High and South Middle School have taken an aggressive and proactive approach to bullying and this is a major step in helping to stop bullying in school. There will be two more follow up sessions at each building. The program will run through March. The program is conducted in smaller group settings in order to personalize the material and make sure that students understand the message. Special thanks to Rob and Gail as well as Darke County Recovery and Darke County Juvenile Court for all of their help in working with our kids! In addition, Jody Flommersfeld, Greenville Junior High Guidance Counselor has been conducting Sexual Harassment Talks with our students in the classroom at the Junior High Level. Her efforts are another step we are trying to take to educate and be proactive to prevent bullying and harassment.