Thursday, January 28, 2010


The 2009-2010 production of Nottingham – A Totally Teen Musical marks the twenty-fifth year of GJHS Theater Workshop. Approximately 40 students have already begun rehearsals of the February, 2010 show. Stage Managers are working with directors, choreographers, student actors, and technicians. Those members cast in the musical are currently learning their songs, stage movements, and basic dance moves. Students involved in the backstage of sets and props, costumes, and makeup, lights, and sound, and publicity will begin their assignments in January. NOTTINGHAM is a totally teen rock-n-roll musical that puts a retro spin on the Robin Hood legend. It’s 1961 at Nottingham High School and the Sherwood Burger Palace. John Prince, the rich Norman class president and B.M.O.C (Big Man on Campus), steals from the poor and lowly Saxons. Alas, enter Robin Loxley, a cool cat who returns to Nottingham for her senior year. She (yes, SHE!) vows to fight for justice to save the Saxons from the dreaded Normans. With assistance from a not-so-awful Norman guy, (yes, GUY!), Marion Shire, they discover there is no such thing as “us” and “them.” Can Robin steal back from the rich, give to the poor, win a hula hoop contest, and unify the cliques? Find out on Friday and Saturday, February 19 and 20, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. in St. Clair Memorial Hall. Tickets are now available and are $3.00 for students and senior citizens and $4.00 for adults. All tickets will be $5.00 at the door. For tickets or other information email the director, Tory Martin, at


The yearbook staff is sponsoring a supply drive designed to provide desperately needed items to soldiers in Afghanistan. We want to support all members of the Greenville community who are currently serving in Afghanistan, and we are especially fortunate to have the opportunity to support the uncle of Taylor Schwartz, a former GJHS student.

Zechar-Bailey Funeral Home has donated all of the boxes for shipment, and will cover all of the expenses relating to the shipment of the care packages.

Yearbook students will visit each homeroom to explain the activity, provide a list of recommended items, and to collect items once they are donated. It is especially important to remind the students of the following:

All items must be individually wrapped & prepackaged (such as individually wrapped candy, trial sizes of Q-tips, etc.). Soldiers have to throw away any item that is not prepackaged. Pornography is strictly prohibited, and, in terms of the Middle East, includes items such a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions, movies containing any level of nudity, etc.

Due to the extreme conditions, soldiers are in desperate need of individual hand and foot warmers.Most of the soldiers who will be receiving the care packages are currently living in extreme conditions. Taylor's uncle, for example, is with a unit that is living in running water, no heat at night, etc. At last communication, he stated that he had not showered for 55 days.

In order to collect as many supplies as possible, we will hold a competition among all GJHS homerooms. The competition will last from Monday, February 1 through Friday, February 12. The homeroom that collects the most items will receive a reward (to be determined shortly). The yearbook staff will then take care of bagging all items (individual homerooms do not need to worry about having the ziplock bags), organizing and labeling the boxes, and transporting all supplies to Zechar-Bailey for shipment.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

High Five Winner for the Week

The High Five for Wave Pride campaign is excited to announce another High Five Business Winner for Wave Wednesday. The owners and staff of Beasecker's Cleaners are proud Wave supporters and loyally wear green every Wednesday. Owner, Ralph Beasecker and staff members Kathy Myers, Kim Hamblin, and Deb Roll were spotted by Greenville City Schools Superintendent, Susie Riegle and Scott Ward of WTGR proudly wearing green and displaying their Wave Pridesign. Beasecker's Cleaners zza party donated by MARCO'S pizza as a thank you for their support of Greenville City Schools.
If you would like to join the 60+ businesses supporting Wave Wednesday's, please contact 548-3185.